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Tires Bursting - What Should You Do?

A tire bursting is no joke and can be a terrifying situation no driver wants to find themselves in. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported in 2003 that, of the 78,392 accidents that occurred due to a blown-out tire, 414 people lost their lives while nearly 15% (10,275 individuals) suffered non-fatal injuries. Thankfully, given new advances in technology, significant improvements in tire construction and early alert systems have helped reduce severe accidents due to tire blowouts. Even though improvements have been made, this type of emergency is still very possible. The team at John's Automotive Care La Mesa wants to prepare you for this situation with our August blog; having the proper knowledge of handling a burst tire is essential to your safety. 


In most cases, there are four primary reasons why a tire blows out suddenly. 


  1. The tire was under-inflated.

  2. Tire overinflated.

  3.  A mechanical or material defect in the tire. 

  4. Puncture to the tire. It's often unknown if we run over a nail or sharp object on the road until the tire pressure light comes on. When the tire itself is punctured, a prolonged leak begins and can last for quite some time. The worst part about running over a nail or sharp object is that they are challenging to find. 


One fundamental preventative way to decrease the chances of having a tire blow is having your tires properly inspected. If your tire air-light comes on or you think your tires are looking a little low, be sure to check sooner than later! 


What To Do When Your Tire Bursts 


1: Slowly try to slow down. As soon as you hear or feel the tire blowout, the first thing you should do is nothing. The first thing your instincts will want to do is slam on the breaks, do not do this. This is typically when accidents occur. Instead, try to slowly release pressure from the gas pedal and gradually slow down after feeling the tire blow.


2: Both Hands On The Wheel. Try and maintain a firm grip on the wheel, but do not hold onto the steering wheel tight. The best thing you can do is keep calm and try to keep driving the vehicle in a straight line.  


3: Pull Over Safely. Your location at the time of the tire blowout determines the next few steps that you should take. Hopefully, you'll find an excellent place to get out of traffic where you can further assess the situation. 


4: Change Tire Or Call For Help. When you are safely pulled over, access the situation. If you can change your tire, then that's the correct next step. If not, and you are pulled over in a dangerous area, call the authorities for assistance. Be sure to put the parking brake on as well!


If you've just run into any tire problems, John's Automotive Care in La Mesa, CA, has got you covered! Our team is home to the top, most qualified auto mechanics in the area who are dedicated to providing you the best service and care. Each mechanic is fully equipped with the proper skills and abilities to work with new technology, handle all types of repairs, whether big or small, and our services range on foreign or domestic cars. We pride ourselves on assisting the San Diego and La Mesa greater area. If you need preventive maintenance or a major repair, we've got your back. Call John's Automotive Care today. Contact us online to schedule your appointment now! We thank you for your trust in us, and we won't let you down.

We look forward to seeing you soon!


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