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The Art of Packing Your Trunk

The Art of Packing Your Trunk

Are you ready for a road trip getaway? Taking off in your car for a few days is such a fun adventure! Sometimes it can feel daunting to pack, but with a little pre-trip planning and organization, you can make sure your road trip will be easy, fun, and successful. We at John’s Automotive Care want you to have a fantastic trip, which is why we have compiled a list of things to remember and strategies for packing your trunk.


Things To Bring

The first step is to pack your bags. What should you bring, aside from your clothes, food, and any camping supplies you may have? A paper map! What? Really? Just think, when you have a paper map for your navigator, THEY can be at fault for that wrong turn you just made. :-) In all seriousness, though, if your data is inaccessible, a paper map is a handy thing to have in the car. Cue up some good tunes; taking the time to make a road trip playlist for your trip pays dividends. Not only will you have a theme for your adventure, every time you play these songs, it will also bring back fond memories of your time on the road and the unexpected happenings you encountered. Top up that tank; keeping your gas tank ½ full and above can take the stress out of your trip. How many times have driven your car past ‘0 miles to empty’ with no sign of a gas station in sight? Now, that is a stressor you don’t need! Pack some extra water along. That spare gallon of water in the trunk can not only be a lifesaver for you and your passengers; it can also rescue your car in a pinch. Pack a smaller cooler bag to keep in the front passenger seat and delegate passing out of cups filled with snacks to your 2nd in command.


Line Them Up

Once you have all of your bags packed full of all of your goodies, line them up together for a good look at what is heavy, fragile, what you will be getting into frequently, and what you are hoping not to need, but are bringing just in case. Did you remember to bring your sunglasses? Sunscreen? A camera? Wait - you have your phone. How about a charger? Alright, now comes the fun part, loading the car. Are you ready for a lesson in auto Tetras? 


Double Check Your Emergency Items

Before loading everything in your trunk, be sure to check your spare tire, jack, first aid kit, and verify where other emergency supplies are located. Do you need an EpiPen on hand for anyone along for the ride? Alright, now you are ready to load up. The strategy is to place the heaviest items at the bottom. Pack the things you won’t be needing right away in the far back and your softer and lighter items on top. Frequently needed items you will want to keep near the liftgate or the back seat and tuck all smaller things that can fit into the nooks and crannies. Lastly, give everything in the back a wiggle and a shake to ensure that nothing will fly into the cabin if you need to stop unexpectedly.


It’s Time For Some Fun!

Once you have your car loaded, gassed up, and ready to go, take a deep breath and pat yourself on the back for a job well done. And let the adventures begin!


When you are in the planning stages of a road trip and have your dates set, schedule an appointment with John’s Automotive Care in La Mesa. Our qualified auto mechanic team provides thorough professional auto repair services, and our entire team prides ourselves on keeping you updated throughout your service. Customers from Lemon Grove, Spring Valley, El Cajon, Rancho San Diego, Santee, & Hillcrest have come to trust our commitment to quality auto repair. If your vehicle needs preventive maintenance or repairs, call John’s Automotive Care, or schedule an appointment online with us today to experience the JAC (John’s Automotive Care) difference. We are located at 7447 University Ave, La Mesa, CA 91942.

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