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Ten money-saving tips for driving

Happy New Year from the team at John’s Automotive Care in La Mesa!

January is a good time to talk about money-saving tips while you drive to kick off the new year. Let’s be kind to our wallets!


Steady speeds

Did you know that driving smooth and steady, avoiding sudden braking or acceleration, can save you money? Although it is fun to drive fast and accelerate quickly, it becomes costly. If you want to become an economical driver, practice driving just below the speed limit and avoid quickly accelerating. Driving this way also reduces the wear on your engine, suspension, and tires.


Turning off your engine

Running your car while waiting can get costly at the pump. If you park your car so someone can run back into the house or a store, and you might be idling your vehicle for over 1 minute, turn off your engine. Not only will you save fuel, but you will also be saving the environment one minute at a time.


Oil Check

Proper oil for your vehicle. Woah, did you know that your engine is particular? It is important to use the correct type of fluids in your engine to prevent excessive wear and tear on those metal parts moving fast to keep you on the road. The auto repair professionals at John’s Automotive Care in La Mesa know what engine oil is best for your vehicle and will keep your engine running at peak performance when you stick to the best preventive maintenance schedule for your car.


Tire pressure

Accurate tire pressure saves you money! Did you know keeping your tires properly inflated not only saves you at the pump but it also saves you money in the long run? By keeping your tires properly inflated, your car drives smoother down the road, is more fuel efficient, and also extends the life of your tires, and who wants to buy new tires more than they need to? Not us!


Air filters

Air filters are your car’s key to breathing properly. We all know what it is like to have congestion and try to go for a run. By changing your filters at factory-recommended intervals, you will extend the life of your vehicle and also improve fuel economy while you are out on the road getting to where you need to be.


Cruise control

Cruise control is king. You may already know this one; however, it never hurts to hear it again. Cruise control improves fuel economy, which means fewer stops at the gas pump. If you see a straight stretch of highway, go ahead and push those buttons and remember to follow the recommended safety tips when you do. It helps keep everyone safe out on the road.


Filling days

Just like airline tickets, gas stations are most often cheaper early in the week. Monday and Tuesday are usually the best when it comes to fuel prices, and they steadily rise throughout the week and into the weekend. Have you heard of the app Gas Buddy? It is super handy to check your smartphone and see what fuel prices are near you.


Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance is king, and a finely tuned vehicle is both safer and more reliable and also saves you money both in the short term and in the long run with your car. You will both improve fuel economy and also reduce wear and tear on your entire vehicle. Our team of experts will inspect your car and let you know if they detect any minor issues to keep an eye out for. By knowing what is coming up, you can budget for these repairs, and by staying on top of your vehicle maintenance, you will also save money while driving.


Turn it off

Did you know that your air conditioner uses valuable fuel? According to the U.S. Department of Energy, your vehicle's AC can make your car 25% less fuel efficient. Boy, that is substantial!


Are you ready to save money in 2023? Come into John’s Automotive Care in La Mesa and see what quality auto repair feels like. Our team makes you feel like family when you walk into our shop. We will greet you, listen carefully to your needs, and keep you up to date with your vehicle as it moves through our shop. Give us a call or schedule an appointment with us today!


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