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New Year’s Resolutions for You and Your Vehicle


As we wrap up this unprecedented year and head into 2021, think about the differences between resolutions and solutions. Resolutions tend to get lost in the daily grind soon after the new year begins. When you focus on SOLUTIONS instead, you're coming up with a game plan on how to move things forward. When you add accountability to your solutions, it can be an excellent recipe for success. 


Learn how to flip your resolution into a solution. Let's start with your car. A resolution might be, "I'm going to take better care of my vehicle in 2021". To turn that into a solution for your car, here's one possible way to break it down:


Solution: Taking better care of my car. 


  1. Check the air in my tires every month to make sure I am getting the best gas mileage possible. Set a monthly reminder on my phone.

  2. Work with my mechanic to determine the best oil service schedule possible. Doing so helps me significantly extend the life of my car. 

  3. Read my owner's manual, but know that they are written to drive business, not help you get the most out of your vehicle. Again, work with your mechanic to determine the what and whens of the preventive maintenance needed for your car. Together, you can figure that out based on your driving habits, the San Diego climate, and other contributing factors. 


Now it's your turn. Identify a goal you have for your car this year. Don't list it as a resolution; instead, find solutions to make it so. Now let's look at a possible New Year's Solution for your life:


"My New Year's resolution is to have greater success in my business in 2021."


Possible solution steps: 

  1. Review last year's goals to see what worked and what didn't, along with discussing why you did or did not meet those goals.

  2. Create an actionable list to help with this coming year's solutions.

  3. Create an accountability system (a coach, consultant, or leadership team) to ensure the solutions' plan moves forward.

  4. Plan a quarterly review to adjust solutions based on contributing factors (COVID restrictions, staffing, revenue, etc.).

  5. Celebrate successes along the way. (This is just as important as any other step and in some ways even more so than many. A sense of accomplishment can serve as a powerful motivator!)


Following the Solutions plan is a great way to make progress in your life this year. Instead of leaving your resolutions out there as arbitrary, lofty goals, make them actionable for your car and your life. You can apply this strategy to just about any aspect of your life, from weight loss to saving money for the car of your dreams. 

John's Automotive Care La Mesa is here to be your accountability partner when it comes to your vehicle's health and wellness. Our qualified auto mechanic team provides thorough professional auto repair services, and our entire team prides itself on keeping you updated throughout your service. Customers from Lemon Grove, Spring Valley, El Cajon, Rancho San Diego, Santee, Hillcrest, and beyond have come to trust our commitment to quality auto repair. If your vehicle needs preventive maintenance or repairs, call John's Automotive Care, or schedule an appointment online with us today to experience the JAC (John's Automotive Care) difference. We are located at 7447 University Ave, La Mesa, CA 91942. We look forward to your visit!

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