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Journeys Through the Unknown: 7 of America's Haunted Highways

Want to discover some spooky roads this spooky season? Look no further!

At Johns Automotive Care La Mesa, we know that you depend on your vehicle for everything from daily errands to thrilling adventures. And with Halloween approaching, what could be more thrilling than exploring some of the nation's most famously haunted roads?

People love to be frightened, whether at local attractions like a haunted corn maze or watching a horror film from the comfort of their homes. But what about those who crave something more real?

Recently, visiting locations with eerie reputations has become increasingly popular. Many of us know about iconic haunted structures like New York's Amityville house or the Stanley Hotel in Colorado. But have you ever heard about these seven haunted roads?

Let's take a look at seven roads across the country that are wrapped in mystery and intrigue. Trust us, and you'll want to ensure your car is in top shape if you venture down any of these paths.


Route 2A, Haynesville, Maine: This road is said to be haunted by the spirit of a young girl who was tragically killed in a vehicle accident in 1967. Many drivers have reported seeing her wandering at night.


Clinton Road, West Milford, New Jersey: Clinton Road has earned a reputation as a mysterious and haunting locale steeped in local folklore and supernatural tales. The most infamous legend surrounding this winding road is that of the "phantom headlights," a phenomenon where drivers have reported seeing ghostly headlights in their rearview mirrors that seem to follow them before disappearing without a trace. This eerie experience has led to numerous accounts and investigations, fueling the road's mystical aura. Another well-known story associated with Clinton Road involves the ghost of a drowned boy. According to local legend, this unfortunate soul haunts a bridge over a stream that the road crosses, and it is said that if you throw a coin into the water, the ghostly boy will toss it back. Despite numerous skeptics who dismiss these tales as mere superstitions, the legends persist, and many thrill-seekers and paranormal enthusiasts continue to explore Clinton Road, hoping to catch a glimpse of the unexplainable.


Archer Avenue, Chicago, Illinois: Archer Avenue, between St. James-Sag Church and Resurrection Cemetery in Chicago, Illinois, is shrouded in ghostly lore. The most famous of these legends is "Resurrection Mary," a spectral figure reported to hitchhike near the cemetery. She's described as wearing a white dress and vanishes near the cemetery gates. This particular stretch of road is believed to be inhabited by wandering spirits, contributing to its reputation as one of Chicago's most haunted places. The enduring legend of Resurrection Mary, coupled with other reported sightings, continues to draw the curious and lends a chilling mystique to Archer Avenue.


Mount Misery Road, Melville, Long Island: This area is enveloped in dark folklore and unsettling legends. Tales of the cursed land and the haunting ruins of a mental asylum pervade the local narrative, instilling fear and trepidation. Some locals consider the area off-limits, possibly due to reported supernatural occurrences and eerie sensations experienced near the site. The combination of the alleged cursed land, the chilling remnants of the asylum, and the whispered stories passed down through generations has cemented Mount Misery Road's reputation as a forbidding and mysterious place within the community.


Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Tampa Bay, Florida: It is said to carry with it a tragic history and haunting lore. Rebuilt after a devastating collapse in 1980 that resulted in the loss of 35 lives, the bridge is reportedly haunted by the ghosts of those who perished in the tragedy. Among these spectral figures, a mysterious woman is said to appear at midnight, becoming a prominent figure in local ghost stories. Some claim to have seen her haunting visage or heard her mournful cries, adding to the bridge's eerie reputation. These ghostly tales, intertwined with the bridge's dark past, have turned the Sunshine Skyway Bridge into a symbol of both architectural resilience and lingering sorrow.


Route 44, Rehoboth, Massachusetts: Route 44 in Rehoboth, Massachusetts, harbors an unsettling legend that has both intrigued and terrified locals. The story centers around a ghostly hitchhiker with a distinctive appearance, featuring a beard and dark, penetrating eyes. This spectral figure is said to materialize in the empty backseats of cars traveling along the road, only to vanish moments later with a sinister laugh. The recurrent sightings of this phantom hitchhiker have led to numerous personal accounts and investigations. Whether real or the product of imagination, the legend has cemented Route 44's reputation as a place where the ordinary can give way to the inexplicable, leaving an indelible mark on local folklore.


Kelly Road, Ohioville, Pennsylvania: Kelly Road in Ohioville, Pennsylvania, has gained a foreboding reputation that would unsettle even the most skeptical traveler. This stretch of road is notorious for violent animal attacks, where seemingly docile creatures are said to become inexplicably aggressive. Along with this unsettling phenomenon, frequent sightings of ghostly white silhouettes have been reported by passersby, adding an eerie dimension to the road's mysterious aura. These incidents have woven a chilling tapestry of local folklore that continues to captivate and disturb. Indeed, Kelly Road is not a place for the faint of heart, as its dark legacy resonates with those who dare to traverse its haunted path.

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