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Giving Your Car Some Love in February

Happy February, the month we celebrate Love. At John’s Automotive Care in La Mesa, we feel it is important to celebrate our customers, and their vehicles, so during the month of February; we have red roses to give away to every custom alignment if it is found necessary. When we are proactive, we end up with a more peaceful life, with less unexpected breakdowns and repairs. Preventive maintenance is a term we use to refer to regular maintenance items such as oil changes, tire rotations, topping off your fluids, checking your brakes, or possibly even a wheel.


Regular Inspections

When you bring your vehicle in for regularly scheduled maintenance, not only does your car get a thorough inspection by trained professional ASE-Certified mechanics, but it also prolongs the life of your vehicle and keeps it in good condition mechanically. Plus, you get peak performance out of your car when it is running well and tuned up. When your car or truck struggles for air because of a dirty air filter or your oil is low or dirty, your engine struggles and has to work harder, which causes additional wear and tear that is easily avoidable with a qualified ASE-Certified Mechanic performing regular inspections on your vehicle.


Increasing Resale Value

Did you know that your car will be worth more when the time comes to sell it if you perform regularly scheduled maintenance? We all want to stretch our dollars as far as we can, and taking good care of your car regularly is one simple way you can. When you develop a long-term relationship with a mechanic you trust, you can present the buyer with your vehicle’s maintenance records which provides peace of mind and makes your vehicle more attractive to a buyer. Not only does preventive maintenance improve the resale value, but you also benefit from it every time you hit the gas station. Over time, your fuel economy goes down, and your frequency at the gas pumps goes up.

Breakdowns Vs. Trouble-Free Driving

Hey, I want to be broken down on the side of the road, says no one ever. Driving from point A to point B is something each of us wants to take for granted. If we have a delay in our already busy schedule due to vehicle issues, it becomes an unwelcome stress. Guess what comes next? Yep! A plug for preventive maintenance at John’s Automotive Care La Mesa. Our team of ASE-Certified experts are highly trained and here to help ensure that you keep your vehicle on the road and you get to your destination without unnecessary delay. Now, that is peace of mind. When you have a clean and well-maintained car, you simply feel good and more relaxed, and you know that your car will be good to you because you are good to it. There are many benefits to keeping a well-maintained vehicle, and your peace of mind is one. February is a perfect month to give your car some extra love.


We all know that preventive maintenance helps mitigate problems in the future and can save us money. If we don’t take care of our vehicles on a regular basis, it is inevitable that preventable issues will come up and cost more when big repairs are needed. By taking care of our vehicles on a routine maintenance basis, not only will we save money, but we will also extend our vehicles’ life. Cars are an important and expensive investment; no one wants to buy a new car all because we simply got too busy and forgot to change the fluids or have a service inspection. 


To wrap up our February blog, here is a recap highlighting some of the benefits of preventive maintenance.


  • Prolong the life of your car

  • Higher resale value

  • Top-performance

  • Avoid troubles on the road

  • Save on fuel

  • Peace of mind


If you can’t recall the last time you checked your oil, or it looks dirty or milky and has sludge or gunk on the dipstick, please schedule an appointment right away. Visit us at John’s Automotive Care in La Mesa. We are here to help you will all of your auto repair needs! Call us today or online, so we can take great care of you, and your vehicle with our expert ASE Certified auto mechanics.


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