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Getting Your Car Ready For Spring


Spring is in the air, and the upcoming season is waiting for no one. Are you ready for a road trip? How about your car? No one wants to find themselves on the side of the road with a vehicle that lets you down when there is fun to be had. By giving your car a once over by a professional auto repair technician, you will have peace of mind, knowing what to keep an eye out for, what is urgent, and what services you can wait on.


Visual Inspections

Auto repair professionals know what to look for, wear points on your specific vehicle, and help prevent unplanned breakdowns through regular maintenance check-ups. When you get a visual inspection done at John's Automotive Care, you receive a checklist showing photos of each report item listed in green, yellow, or red. Each color represents the level of urgency for service. Knowing your vehicle is thoroughly checked out before hitting the road will keep you feeling confident about your upcoming adventures.


Fluid Service

When was the last time you checked your radiator fluid? This fluorescent looking mixture keeps you cool, your engine cool, and helps prevent warping of expensive engine parts. Your engine has ports that allow radiator fluid to circulate around the walls of your engine; if these entry points become clogged from dirty fluid, your engine is at risk for overheating. Coolant flushes are a great way to ensure that your engine cooling system is in tip-top shape. What about your air-conditioning system? When was the last time you were in a car where the AC was not working? It is not fun on a warm sunny day. Having your freon system inspected, making sure it is in tip-top shape before hitting the road will keep you cool on a warm sunny day. Windshield washer fluid is another important one to check before hitting the road. When dirt and grime cake on your windshield, it can be challenging to see your surroundings, and at speed, this can quickly become a safety issue. Other essential fluids to have checked are your transmission fluids and power steering fluid. Taking your car to a professional who has the resources to inspect and determine what is needed to keep you on the road is cheap insurance knowing you will get to your destination.



When was the last time you had a tire blowout? Hopefully, the answer is never, but if you have, then you know that it is no fun finding yourself on the side of the road, changing your own spare tire, or calling a towing service to come to rescue you. The professionals at John's Automotive Care know what to look for when it comes to tire tread, checking, and air pressure. Before leaving on a trip of any kind, be sure to always check your tire pressure, not only will it help you stay safe, it will also save you dollars at the pump. Properly inflated tires increase your fuel economy. 


Battery Services

When we hop in the car, we often don't consider our electrical systems. This is a good thing until something goes awry. Turning the key or pushing the button should start your engine, and when it doesn't, it is frustrating! Without a charged battery, your vehicle won't take you where you want to go. It is a good idea to pop the hood on your car and see if your battery is low on fluid, or if there is excess corrosion on the terminals, it can mean the difference between stuck in a parking lot or happily on the road.



We all know that stopping power is vital to your safety. Knowing that when you hit the brakes, your car will slow or stop is most often something we take for granted. Brake pads are a wear part and are meant to be replaced regularly. Delaying brake services can cost you double or triple. By having a professional like the auto mechanics at John's Automotive Care assess the life of your brake pads, you can rest assured that you and your family will be able to stop in traffic every time.  


If your vehicle has not been maintenanced or inspected recently, schedule an appointment with John's Automotive Care in La Mesa. Our qualified auto mechanic team provides thorough and professional auto inspections and repair services. Our entire team takes pride in keeping you updated throughout your service. Our community of customers trusts our commitment to quality auto repair. If your vehicle needs preventive maintenance or repairs, call John's Automotive Care or schedule an appointment online with us today to experience the John's Automotive Care difference. We are located at 7447 University Ave, La Mesa, CA 91942

We look forward to your visit!


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