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Brake Maintenance that won't Break the Bank


We are wishing you & your family a wonderful month of May! Our John's Automotive Care team has decided to talk about all things brakes for this month's blog! Including simple things you, as a responsible vehicle owner, can do to save you money in the long run. We will tackle what different brake issues mean & when it's time to see an expert. 


John's Automotive Care is your trusted source for brake repair in La Mesa. Brakes are paramount to your safety, your passengers, and your car. Skilled brake repair auto mechanics should only handle these essential components of your vehicle. So let's begin with, "when do I need to see an expert?" 


Vibrations in your vehicle? 

Vibrations in your car indicate it's time to visit the experts at JAC. The reasoning behind this is due to worn down brake pads; over time, this occurs — there's no avoiding it. As your brake pads wear down, they can come into contact with your rotors. This results in you feeling those bad vibrations. As with all brakes, when you press on the brake pedal, you expect your vehicle to slow down, and that's about it. If your car vibrates when you apply the brakes, or other scary noises begin to emerge, it's time to see us at John's Automotive Care, 100%.


Clunking Noise: Loose bolts may be to blame if you hear a clunking or repetitive knocking sound. Many different bolts and nuts are holding together each system of your vehicle, and an automotive professional with an impact wrench can tighten these right up. Our trusted service technician will be able to identify the problem from loose calipers, shock absorbers, or your constant velocity joints, so you can continue to drive and brake safely (with no noise.)


Dragging Noises

If the noise is due to a brake dragging, you should seek an experienced mechanic immediately to diagnose the source of the issue. John's Automotive Care professionals will thoroughly inspect the brake calipers and sliders to ensure they are not seized. We will also check the caliper piston boot for damage, including cracks, breakage, poor sealing, and possible water entry. Each of these is an ominous sign for your brakes. Hearing that dragging noise can be terrifying & unsteadying. A dragging brake pad produces more heat to your entire brake system and may cause warping. Excessive heat can damage the wheel bearing in extreme cases, creating a substantial automotive bill.


Follow The Lights

The warning lights on your dash are the most accessible tell-tale sign that you need to come to see the experts. Refer to your owner's manual for your specific vehicle for exact information about these different types of lights. When you see red letters with the word "BRAKE, " it is time to find an auto-shop ASAP. Your brake light could mean multiple things such as low brake fluid, the parking brake is on, or other significant issues within your system as you try to drive. When we see a yellow color, the Anti-Lock brakes have a fault; generally, this is a sensor failure and is less urgent than a red brake light and may even be pinpointed as a faulty mechanical wiring issue. Troubleshooting the ABS requires an educated technician and factory-specific scan tools at John's Automotive Care. 


Our team at John's Automotive Care is skilled and efficient in brake repair, and we stand behind the accuracy and dependability of our brake repair service with a 36-month/36,000-mile warranty. Throughout the process of brake repair, the team at John's Automotive Care will provide you with updates on your vehicle. We even take detailed photographs to show you what is going on with your car. We strive to answer your questions honestly and accurately.


Next, let us dive into brake issues you can check yourself. There are multiple reasons that your brakes might be making odd noises. The most common include:



  • Small rocks, dust, or sand getting into your system. You'll be driving squeak-free again by taking those bits of debris out.

  • Overnight condensation over time can collect on your vehicle's brake rotors. As water seeps into the system, it will eventually rust. By keeping your car covered, you can prevent this. 

  • Something we cannot help or change is the weather; if you live in a colder area, the cold will make your brake system squeal and screech more so than someone from our sunny CA. 

  • Excess weight can cause the brakes to squeak due to pressure from too much weight in your vehicle. 

  • Poor installation can play a role in squeaky brakes. Some chain auto shops don't use the best parts; they choose the cheapest. You won't run into this at JAC; we choose the best parts for your vehicle with your safety in mind.

Extending Your Brake Life 

Take extra care before you take long trips. By paying attention to any signs of potential brake trouble, you are accepting the preventative steps to ensure your trip isn't interrupted.


Upgrade Brake Pads

Brake pads are meant to last for many miles, but they can wear out depending on your driving conditions. If you want your brakes to last longer, consider upgrading the quality of your brake pads. Our professional technicians at John's Automotive Care can help you determine the best brake pads for your needs & vehicle. 


We hope you have enjoyed our latest blog about everything surrounding brakes! When your vehicle needs auto repair, John's Automotive Care is here to help. We proudly service many cars from San Diego, Mission Valley, Mission Valley East, Grantville, Rolando, Rolando Village, Oak Park, Tierrasanta, Allied Gardens, San Carlos, Serra Mesa, Kearny Mesa, and Hillcrest. While our auto mechanics service your vehicle, you can sit back and relax, knowing your car is in capable hands. We go above and beyond for you, whether that means offering your pup a biscuit, providing you with a thorough, detailed vehicle inspection, or walking you to your car after its service. To schedule an appointment at John's Automotive Care, call us today. We are located at 6267 Riverdale St, San Diego, CA 92120.


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