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Are Aftermarket Warranties Worth It? What You Need To Know

Extended warranties are a kind of service that drivers can purchase when their car's original manufacturer's warranty expires. It is not an extension of the manufacturer's warranty. This type of warranty is an optional type of warranty you pay into that will be used for future auto repairs to a vehicle's major systems. Extended car warranties, in the end, can save you major money if you ever run into significant car problems. While they can do this, about half of drivers see themselves never using their extended warranty or having a repair cost less than the warranty. In this case, it would make sense to just set aside money yourself for potential auto repair needs. But before making any decisions, it is crucial to understand the pros and cons of extended car warranties. 



1.     Save Money 

If you do need a costly repair, extended warranties could cover the repair. So, instead of paying the entire bill, you would only need to pay a deductible (if you have one), and then the warranty you purchased would cover the rest. 


2.     Peace of Mind 

If you worry about money or auto repairs, an extended warranty might be proper for you. Instead of stressing about finding the money when you need a repair, your extended warranty can cover the repair cost, saving your wallet a lot of money. This can keep you at ease and much less stressed when dealing with auto repair. 


3.     Tailor the Warranty to Your Needs 

Manufacturer's warranty often has limits for coverage and mileage. When one aspect of the manufacturer's warranty expires, you can tailor an extended warranty to cover it. They offer a greater variety of products and services. 



1.     Expense

Extended warranties are a costly investment. You are ultimately buying something with the thought that your car will require more repairs than the warranty cost. If this does not happen, you pay more for the warranty than you would've out of pocket. While this is good to keep in mind, you can often negotiate the pricing of your warranty.


2. Coverage 

Most extended warranties do not cover all types of repairs that you could need. They mainly cover repairs to the extensive, significant systems. Ensure you read all the details when buying an extended warranty to ensure you get what you want and need.


3.     Usage 

You may end up never using your extended warranty. If you have a newer car with not a lot of wear and tear, this could happen to you. Buying an extended warranty is similar to health insurance: you may not need it, but it's there if you need it.


If you are considering buying an extended car warranty, we encourage you to do your research, not only about the warranties but about your car. If your vehicle’s likelihood of needing auto repairs is low, then that could be a measure to opt for. But, if your vehicle is older and you are more worried about money, then maybe an extended warranty is proper for you. Be sure to weigh all the pros and cons beforehand. Be sure to shop all the warranties and negotiate your pricing to keep things exactly how you want them. 


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