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April Auto Shows In La Mesa and Surrounding Areas

April's Auto Showcase: Exploring Car Shows in La Mesa and Beyond

Welcome to April! The arrival of spring signals the start of much-awaited auto shows. Get ready for an amazing journey around La Mesa and neighboring areas, where we will discover various styles of car exhibitions. From vintage vehicles to personalized rides, these events are a must-see attraction for all automobile enthusiasts out there. With something special in store for everyone, let’s gear up as we set off on this exhilarating ride through upcoming auto shows!


At these community car exhibitions, attendees can anticipate viewing the most recent innovations from notable automobile manufacturers. With an array of sleek sedans and sturdy SUVs on display, fervent aficionados will be delighted by improved features and heightened performance capabilities. Whether you possess a fondness for powerful American muscle cars or refined European sophistication, exploring upcoming models entering the market is sure to incite excitement!


If you're excited about concept cars taking center stage and stealing the show, rest assured that your expectations will be met. These cutting-edge vehicles provide a sneak peek into the future of automotive innovation, with their streamlined aesthetics and mind-blowing technology leaving viewers amazed by what's in store. Get ready for an inspiring glimpse into tomorrow's possibilities!


Everyone, regardless of age or experience level, can enjoy the all-inclusive atmosphere at nearby car shows. Expect to be entertained by lively music and enticing food trucks that offer scrumptious delights while partaking in these ultimate gatherings of automotive culture and community fellowship. These events cater to those who are lifelong fans, newcomers exploring their interest in automobiles as well as families simply out for a day full of good times; so keep an eye out for all sorts of activities!

Local Events

There are many auto shows in La Mesa and the surrounding areas. But here are a few taking place in April to get you started:


GoodGuys 23rd Meguiar’s Del Mar Nationals

April 5-7, 2024


18th Annual La Jolla Concours d’Elegance

April 19-21, 2024


Escondido Cars & Coffee

Every Sunday Morning


This is website is a fantastic resource to fill the rest of your April with more events! They have a full list of events to continue to explore throughout this upcoming spring season. 


As the weather gets warmer, excitement builds to an extravagant level for local car shows in La Mesa and nearby areas. These events have something fun for everyone - from showcasing vintage cars to futuristic models! So save the dates, invite your friends and family, and get ready for a thrilling ride into all things automotive at these mind-blowing exhibitions. Whether you are smitten by contemporary designs or feeling nostalgic for iconic beauties - one thing is guaranteed: You’ll leave wanting more! After enjoying these amazing displays, bring your vehicle over John’s Automotive Care La Mesa where our expert team will cater to any further needs you might require!


By choosing the John's Automotive Care team, you can have confidence in their ASE-certified technicians with the expertise and knowledge to perform tune-ups, fluid changes, air conditioning replacements, and other necessary services. Our trustworthy approach ensures that your vehicle receives the care it needs to remain reliable and perform optimally throughout all 12 months of Southern California weather. You can trust that your vehicle will receive top-quality service and repairs by choosing John's Automotive Care in La Mesa. Our skilled technicians, transparent approach, competitive pricing, AAA Certifications, and comprehensive warranty make us a dependable choice for maintaining the reliability of your vehicle. We at John's Automotive Care in La Mesa are there for you in many ways. Our ability to provide honest feedback is crucial in ensuring your vehicle remains in good condition throughout the year in Southern California. This makes us the best in the area. By receiving honest feedback from the professionals at John's Automotive Care, you can also make informed decisions about the maintenance and repairs needed for your vehicle.



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